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What I’ve been doing this year.

It’s been an exciting and truly rewarding year for me as an event location photographer. I have met some wonderful people during my assignments, perhaps the most inspirational being our living legend Eddie Kidd when I covered his incredible journey competing in the London Marathon earlier this year. Eddie raised almost £100,000 for his beloved charity, Children with Leukaemia.

As former chairperson for CITI European Work Council and chair of "CITI ROOTS Diversity programme"; I continue mentoring students for Career Academies UK and I was awarded an Honorary Alumni recognising my distinguished services to the Career Academy movement. I’m also an active participant with African Caribbean Diversity Organisation, known as AC Diversity Organisation since 1996.

It’s therefore very much due to my passion for supporting good causes, that much of my work is third sector orientated because charities and trusts have the vital task of both continually promoting their “brand” whilst needing to convey the giving message in order to sustain their good work and help to support their beneficiaries.

I have been working for a number of good causes this year, covering many different events and I’m very much looking forward to 2012 when I have a number of other charities booked to shoot for their websites and other wide range of fundraising events.

Your picture plans for the year ahead and professional photography forms part of your essential marketing strategy.

You know that a picture tells a thousand words, that perfect planning prevents...

So it’s important to consider how you are going to differentiate your brand from your competitors in the year ahead; commissioned professional photography will add sheen to your brand, whilst giving you the slick image you will need to stand out in an ever competitive market.

Your website is in the international domain now; your shop window. Businesses are trading further afield than in previous decades and it is a false economy to think that stock images will suffice, they simply will not. They may serve a purpose but if you are serious about thriving in the year ahead then commissioned photography, ought to be on your marketing agenda for the year ahead. When you commission your photography you are buying a tailored product that represents better value for your business than stock photography.

Does your marketing literature show your business off to its optimum; do you have photographs of yourself on your website, your products or enticing pictures of a forthcoming conference or event?

Since change always equals opportunity, what tweaks can you apply to enhance your brand which will raise your business head and shoulders above your competition?  provides you with flexibility through working entirely on location. Benefit from my inclusive powerful public relations service whereby my colleague, Emma Andrews can help get your story in the press. Emma will liaise with Editors and forward planners and follow your choice media target.

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  • Free PR & media placement for up to three publications of your choice
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  • Free copy writing by Emma about your event – emailed over for your amendment, approval prior to your event
  • Free PDF of any published features in the press – great for you to upload onto your website or use in email marketing to your supporters
  • Collection of your required brief by me, called a “recce” either over the telephone or face to face
  • Free preview CD of all your wonderful event pictures
  • You top twenty favourite images from the event supplied high resolution on CD, free, and ideal for any new literature you may be planning.
  • Up to five free colour photographs size 10 x 8 – look great on your walls or to give away to beneficiaries of your charity

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How to book?

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Or via our website at



Why you should be doing a regular blog


Investing an hour a week to write a blog is a helpful and inexpensive way to keep your supporters informed about your latest activities within your charity.


Additionally, by uploading your website with new text keeps your website content current and it also helps with search engine optimisation; Google and other search engines “like” new copy. It is important to use new text as opposed to cutting and pasting text from other sources which are already published elsewhere online as this is not considered “new copy” and so will not help with your search engine optimisation.


During your hectic working week, devoting the time to write your blog is essential. Realising that it is an efficient and inexpensive way to keep your web pages up to date, and your supporters well informed, choose a regular time each week to write and upload your blog.


Here are some useful pointers to help you:


  • Start jotting down content ideas in your diary or make notes elsewhere so that you build blog title ideas. – This will save you time and you will always have something new to write about.
  • The topics can be specific to your charity; writing about your recent fundraising events or indeed news items which link into your charitable cause.
  • Schedule the task to write your blog ahead of time in your diary, treat the time you need to write your blog like an appointment so that you ensure that you do a new weekly blog.
  • If you have spare time, then write a few blogs for storing then if you are really pushed on a Monday morning you can go to your library.
  • Invite all your colleagues to suggest their content ideas, they will value being involved – this can easily be requested in a simple email.
  • If you are not familiar with uploading the content, then gain the regular commitment  from one of your colleagues  


Your charity marketing plan


Hopefully the tips we gave you last week regarding making your marketing strategy were useful and so now you are ready to create your marketing plan.


We cannot reiterate enough the importance of having a marketing plan and it should be considered of equal importance to having a business plan. It is a working tool which will keep you on track thus avoiding ad hoc decisions which are costly because they have not been planned in. A well considered marketing plan will save your charity money.


The purpose of creating a marketing plan is to provide a blue print of all your marketing activities for the year ahead, think of it like a road map; compare which fundraising marketing activities you embarked on last year and only if they bolstered your funds or enhanced your awareness, do you include them in this year’s marketing plan.


Here are some useful points of consideration:


1: Firstly section off your marketing plan into financial quarters, consider when your financial year starts and indeed when you receive your next marketing budget.

2: Try to avoid unbalanced spending patterns. Where possible divide your marketing budget into twelve months as typically most businesses spend their budget in one go, disproportionally.

3: Include a twelve month marketing calendar, incorporating all your regular fundraising events and regular activities.

4: Remember to check national and international awareness days, or weeks, many of them could be highly relevant to your worthy cause. Example this week is National Parents week; could what your charity does tie in with this week and thus attract crucial media attention?

5: Only include marketing activities in your new marketing plans which have a proven record, comparing the “results” from last year’s activities. Ask yourself: “Did that activity or event, boost our funds, or did it increase our awareness?” If the answer is yes, repeat for this year, if not then brainstorm for an alternative or note the financial cost saving which could be allocated elsewhere in your plan.

6: Be clear in your delegation. Consider which of your associates and colleagues will run each fundraising event and assign that person’s details within your plan.


And lastly remember – Hiring experienced professionals can be costly but now consider how those costs would escalate by not working with professionals.    


Your charity marketing strategy


It’s in tough economic times that some businesses neglect their marketing. Time deficiency, lack of financial or man resources are typically why marketing becomes haphazard, inconsistently executed or simply de-prioritised in many companies today.

Yet your marketing input is the most important aspect of your business because it provides the very foundations on which to grow your future sales or funds and to increase your awareness or brand to your desired market segments and future donators. (Your future sales.)


A good marketing strategy in turn highlights the very aspects and components you require to build into your marketing plan and a well thought out and structured marketing plan will actually save you money, due to the very fact that future activities are planned, budgets are pre-allocated and so it can prevent ad-hoc decisions from being reached because you are working to proactive vantage point as opposed to a reactive one.


Here are some key activities which you ought to be doing in preparation to compile your marketing strategy.


  • Review which marketing activities over the last twelve months have been of value and split their value into two areas of value being 1: The awareness value of your charity 2: The financial value for your charity.
  • Collate any ideas or first time events which your colleagues or supporters have contributed over the last year and allocate them to one of the above two areas of value. Those which do not immediately fall into one of the sets are likely, not to be providing value and so do not get written up in your marketing plan.
  • Have a brain storming session or send an email to all your associates within your charity, asking for submissions of any marketing ideas to be kindly submitted to you by a required date. ( it’s important to use a time sensitive action date as you will need to sift and sort all of the suggestions into one of the two above mentioned sets)
  • Invest in; what will take you an hour maximum, some online research looking for awareness dates in the forthcoming year. Some you will already be aware of and you will find other dates which bare relevance too. Relevant dates provide the opportunity for timely press releases and tie-in opportunities.
  • Review your website, and consider: are the pages current, pictorially and textual? Are all your web pages clearly attaching the giving message to your worthy actions? Is there an online facility for subscribers to make convenient donations?
  • Is the good work that you do easy to understand and relatively quick to digest?
  • Do you have a Patron? Well-known patrons provide a host of beneficial advantages and many celebrities are pleased to associate with your good cause especially if it’s something close to their heart and they seldom charge for their services.


Now you have the components’ on which to build your marketing plan on.     




Goal setting

– How to start applying its principles to your charity fundraising.

Setting ourselves goals makes life more fulfilling and helps us look towards the future. It also enhances feelings of satisfactionas we reach our goals and creates new space to further push the boundaries and set new goals for us to reach.


So how can we apply goal setting to your charity fundraising needs and have you set goals which have either not been recently reviewed or feel somewhat unachievable?

With the good work you do for your charity, perhaps the very reason you have chosen to work for the particular organisation you do, is because its cause is close to your heart. A family member may have had a heart attack so you wish to give something back. You’ve ploughed in the hours and now you find yourself heading the fundraising department.

You could be feeling overwhelmed with the many fundraising elements, past and present which your charity does; resources are limited and you may find that there does not seem enough hours in the day to devote to all the different forms of fundraising that has been or could be, lucrative for your beneficiaries.

If this resonates with you, then it could be that your database urgently needs cleansing but that it doesn’t feel like a priority action. Actually it is worth noting that a database which is older than six months will on average be forty percent out of date therefore a goal setting priority.   This is why we are addressing your database today.

Here are some goals setting tasks to help you revamp your database for the financial benefit of your charity.

1: Liaise with the person (which could be you) who manages the master database and make an initial hour long appointment next week in your diary to discuss it.

2: Look at your database as a whole from anonymous donators to private and corporate donators.

3: Then by the end of the month make sure that they all have useful quick search fields and corresponding codes which ought to include: a: the amount they donate, this could have a code £ b: whether they are private donators with an irregular donating pattern, this code could be PRI/IRR c:  whether they are corporate donators with a regular donating pattern, this code could be COR/REG and d: prospective donators who have expressed an interest in your charity but yet to actually donate, use an appropriate code here too and separate the private donators from the corporate ones.

4: By the end of this month you will have achieved an amazing goal because you can search far more easily where your donating patterns are and act on them to a greater efficiency.

5: While you are allocating and creating new bespoke search fields and codes you will automatically notice obsolete data, such as The Millennium Dome now of course known as The O2 and you will realise the enormous value of your goal setting exercise.

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