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Do's & Dont's on how to improve your sports & recreation branding

If you want to put some “Mobi mojo” into your sports and recreation business then here are some useful do’s and don’ts to consider when sorting your photography out which we hope will help you achieve the wow factor and get your sales line ringing.

1: Do include action shots of people enjoying themselves, for instance if you run a gym then always shoot the equipment with people using the stair master or rowing machine as it will really help create an ambient friendly mood for your prospective new clientele.

2: Do take the time to plan your action shots and rather than using your members in the pictures (who might not wish to have their pictures taken as they will not look their best) it’s worth using either professional models or your staff if you wish to save model fees.

3: Do make sure that whether it’s your own staff or agency models, that they are wearing colourful, clean and ironed sports clothes – try to deter them from wearing white as it can look grey in photographs.

4: Do take clutter free photographs and make time to plan your photography brief concisely, it will save you financially and give your final pictures a slick feel about them.

5: Do take pictures of your reception area and restaurant as well as your treatment rooms as it will help to show off the ambience of your business and it’s always useful to include exterior photographs of your premises so new clientele have a sense of knowing what to expect, it helps with their decision to use your services.

6: Don’t use stock imagery as it can be misleading, for example if you use an image of a brand name treadmill which you don’t actually have it will deter your new customer.

7: Don’t take photographs of purely the fittest models or staff, try to include pictures of people with average shape and size too so that your gym or recreation business feels inviting for people of varying abilities.

8: Don’t forget to take some individual pictures of your staff – we think full length pictures of them in their uniforms helps to convey your friendly service, and have them looking straight at the lens.

9: Don’t forget to keep your photography on your website up to date, remember that people buy from people; if a new employee joins your team make taking their photograph a priority and the same with any new equipment that you procure.

10: Don’t put off keeping your web imagery up to date as it’s a great way to update your website and helps SEO.

Wishing you a great day - Mobi

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Invalid RSS link or you're not allowed to read this Picasa gallery or album.