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Do’s and Don’ts on how to improve your company branding through photography – manufacturing sector. 


If you want to put some “Mobi mojo” into your manufacturing business then here are some useful do’s and don’ts which we hope will help you achieve the wow factor and get your sales line ringing.

1: Do take pictures of people making your products as photographs simply depicting machinery can be flat without people in them.

2: Do use “sequence machinery” people shots. Consumers can understand your plant better if they see “chronological” images of how something is produced. For instance if you are a bakers, then it’s interesting to see the giant mixing bowl, through to the industrial sized ovens through to images of the loaves of bread, cooked and being taken out of the ovens.

3: Do show old pictures of your first factory to your present day site as your potential customers enjoy the story told in easy to digest photographs.

4: Do make sure that all your employees wear their full overalls when embarking on a shoot as it really gives a good impression of cleanliness and your high standards.

5: Do publish photographs of your Managing Director and preferably depict him or her with a group of your employees as this accentuates a strong united workforce.

6: Don’t assume that your staff will not wish to have their photographs taken, some may be averse to have a face on photograph, but would be happy to have a profile shot taken instead. Remember that people buy from people so the more people shots running the machinery the more attractive your website will be.

7: Don’t dismiss using informal shots as these can be an excellent way of portraying a happy workforce but be careful where you place them within your webpage’s.  The key is formal shots when machinery is photographed, especially to comply with health and safety regulations and informal photographs of your staff relaxing in the staff room.

8: Don’t hire a professional photographer without planning your picture requirements first, by giving your photographer a concise brief, they will take less time and save you money.

9: Don’t forget to thoroughly clean your factory floor and your machinery before your professional photo shoot.

10: Don’t forget to conclude your professional photography session with a close up picture or pictures of all your finished lines. Example the finished baked goods, iced up ready for retail or the complete window unit.

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Invalid RSS link or you're not allowed to read this Picasa gallery or album.