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Top tips and links when shooting on location or for the press


Here are some top tips and links to help you when shooting on location or for the press


1: Prior to your shoot if you do not already have some, then check out these websites for free editing software:  /

2: If you are covering a time sensitive event then get to the location in plenty of time providing you with the additional opportunity to get a good place in the crowd and take some interesting pre- finish shots.

3:  Be sure to collect consent to publish names and signatures called model release forms, check out this link:  you don’t need one for editorial or news usage  but you do if you plan to use it commercially.

4: With no processing costs, digital photography give you the chance to snap, snap away take plenty of pictures and scrutinise the event so you capture every picture opportunity – you only need one good one.

5:  Protect your digital files. When sending out digital files, and especially to newspapers and other publications, make sure they contain your identifying information. In Photoshop, go to file >file info.

6: It is well worth investing in Monitor Calibration software. The quality of the display varies between monitors, degrades over time, and is affected by the ambient light and is ''subjective'' to the viewer. If you calibrate your monitor regularly the quality of your images will improve!

7: Format your camera card regularly. After you have transferred your images from your camera card to a computer, CD writer or portable hard drive, use the ''Format'' option rather than the ''Delete'' option to clear the card for re-use. If you invariably use the ''Delete'' option, sooner or later some of the images on the card are likely to be corrupted. Such images will transfer but you will not be able to view them.

8: Edit your photographs on the computer. Any effect you can apply on the camera such as softening can be done much better and with more finesse on the computer. Capture a clean image first and you will have a lot more scope for working with it afterwards on the computer.

Hope you have found this handy!  Mobi 077 7496 3798

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Invalid RSS link or you're not allowed to read this Picasa gallery or album.