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Why you should be doing a regular blog


Investing an hour a week to write a blog is a helpful and inexpensive way to keep your supporters informed about your latest activities within your charity.


Additionally, by uploading your website with new text keeps your website content current and it also helps with search engine optimisation; Google and other search engines “like” new copy. It is important to use new text as opposed to cutting and pasting text from other sources which are already published elsewhere online as this is not considered “new copy” and so will not help with your search engine optimisation.


During your hectic working week, devoting the time to write your blog is essential. Realising that it is an efficient and inexpensive way to keep your web pages up to date, and your supporters well informed, choose a regular time each week to write and upload your blog.


Here are some useful pointers to help you:


  • Start jotting down content ideas in your diary or make notes elsewhere so that you build blog title ideas. – This will save you time and you will always have something new to write about.
  • The topics can be specific to your charity; writing about your recent fundraising events or indeed news items which link into your charitable cause.
  • Schedule the task to write your blog ahead of time in your diary, treat the time you need to write your blog like an appointment so that you ensure that you do a new weekly blog.
  • If you have spare time, then write a few blogs for storing then if you are really pushed on a Monday morning you can go to your library.
  • Invite all your colleagues to suggest their content ideas, they will value being involved – this can easily be requested in a simple email.
  • If you are not familiar with uploading the content, then gain the regular commitment  from one of your colleagues  

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Invalid RSS link or you're not allowed to read this Picasa gallery or album.