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Your charity marketing strategy


It’s in tough economic times that some businesses neglect their marketing. Time deficiency, lack of financial or man resources are typically why marketing becomes haphazard, inconsistently executed or simply de-prioritised in many companies today.

Yet your marketing input is the most important aspect of your business because it provides the very foundations on which to grow your future sales or funds and to increase your awareness or brand to your desired market segments and future donators. (Your future sales.)


A good marketing strategy in turn highlights the very aspects and components you require to build into your marketing plan and a well thought out and structured marketing plan will actually save you money, due to the very fact that future activities are planned, budgets are pre-allocated and so it can prevent ad-hoc decisions from being reached because you are working to proactive vantage point as opposed to a reactive one.


Here are some key activities which you ought to be doing in preparation to compile your marketing strategy.


  • Review which marketing activities over the last twelve months have been of value and split their value into two areas of value being 1: The awareness value of your charity 2: The financial value for your charity.
  • Collate any ideas or first time events which your colleagues or supporters have contributed over the last year and allocate them to one of the above two areas of value. Those which do not immediately fall into one of the sets are likely, not to be providing value and so do not get written up in your marketing plan.
  • Have a brain storming session or send an email to all your associates within your charity, asking for submissions of any marketing ideas to be kindly submitted to you by a required date. ( it’s important to use a time sensitive action date as you will need to sift and sort all of the suggestions into one of the two above mentioned sets)
  • Invest in; what will take you an hour maximum, some online research looking for awareness dates in the forthcoming year. Some you will already be aware of and you will find other dates which bare relevance too. Relevant dates provide the opportunity for timely press releases and tie-in opportunities.
  • Review your website, and consider: are the pages current, pictorially and textual? Are all your web pages clearly attaching the giving message to your worthy actions? Is there an online facility for subscribers to make convenient donations?
  • Is the good work that you do easy to understand and relatively quick to digest?
  • Do you have a Patron? Well-known patrons provide a host of beneficial advantages and many celebrities are pleased to associate with your good cause especially if it’s something close to their heart and they seldom charge for their services.


Now you have the components’ on which to build your marketing plan on.     



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