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Happiness, I believe really is the greatest gift to mankind. It’s also one of our most powerful best kept secrets in terms of personal development, growth and influence, because it’s not contemplated enough by the majority of people so it’s great power, sadly eludes so many.


We are busy, entrenched by the daily tasks, routines and other aspects of modern living, the need to earn money, adhere to our hectic lifestyles, and other aspects of our lives, that we simply forget to consider what makes us happy as individuals.


Feelings of happiness are positively contagious, both at home and in our workplaces; those of us who consciously develop our happiness make popular friends and colleagues – we want to be around happy people because our subconscious minds, (it’s our subconscious minds, which predominately, we don’t vocalise, yet where most of our decisions and feelings come from) that draw us to happy people.   


Ken Dodd rightly distinguishes wealth from happiness in his simple song with great meaning; Madonna correctly informs us that happiness “is in your own hands” and I truly believe that if we developed our own agenda of what makes us personally happy, that the World would be an easier place to live in.


I’m blessed with happiness; it’s a journey of self discovery, truth growth and wisdom. I have many reasons to be unhappy yet I’m also blessed with resilience and stamina. I like myself, I like the fact that I’m truthful about myself and to others; truth, I believe to be an integral key to keeping happy. Interestingly, throughout my life so far, I observe that people like my company and I can positively influence all the people whom I meet.


I’m hard working too, I have recently achieved a second publishing contract as a Children’s Author – I know that my calling is to communicate through the written word and that my calling is predominantly to help young people.


What can you do to achieve a higher sense of self happiness? How can you convey happiness to your audience in your business advertising and marketing messages or to your donators if you are a charity?


Capturing the essence of your key messages and keeping them simple, thus easy to assimilate, jot down the things which have made your beneficiaries happy, if you are a charity, or customers if you run a business. They could include wonderful photographs – a picture tells a thousand words, or heartfelt stories and testimonials.


Apply these positive emotive happy messages to your campaigns, measure the positive impact, and then repeat the same principles to your own personal life and notice the contagious positive vibe ripple throughout your workplace.    


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