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Tips to help convey to the public your Charities key message



Unless you are a large charity, it’s unlikely that you can afford to hire an advertising agency to assist you conveying your charitable message. The general public are exposed to hundreds, if not thousands of advertising messages a day. Television adverts, posters on the side of buses or in bus shelters, right down to pop up display adverts in supermarkets etc.


So what can you do to make your “advertising” message grab your potential donators’ attention? Here are some useful tips:



  1. Before you spend any money, have a brain storming session to bring to light what your priority messages are that you wish to convey. Think of some words which can be summarised into a one line statement or “strapline”. Example:  The NHS blood and transplant service always need new donators so they have devised a feel good factor enticing new donators to wish to give blood - their strapline is “Do something amazing” and this speaks to the subconscious mind as people like to achieve.
  2.  Speaking to the subconscious mind is very powerful so think of similar ways which you can convey a strong strapline – this forms the foundation of your integral message and it’s really worth enlisting all your key staff’s opinions on how they would summarise what your key message is.
  3. If you are time deficient then a short cut to gathering the opinions of your co-workers could be as simple as sending out an email asking them to consider what they believe to be your key message. When you send this request out, give them a date when by they need to send their suggestions to you by.
  4. Additionally, and depending on the size of your charity, you could post this internal request on your intranet so that all your site members are involved.
  5. You will know when you are happy with the strapline because it will jump out at you and likely the most popular one will be powerful because it will make you “feel”.
  6. Following the principle of keeping things simple, because of the mass exposure to advertising that we are all use to, next you need to use pictures of people, your reciprocates, because a picture tells a thousand words.
  7. By using photography you are reducing the need to use hefty blocks of text and so your message can be quickly assimilated.
  8.  Where possible use pictures of people, and always see the cost of hiring a professional photographer as an investment. Think for a moment of some of the advertising campaigns you like, those which still remain in your mind, are likely to do so because the photographs made you feel. They will have made prospective donators feel too thus the value of professional photography speaks volumes.
  9. On the premise that you do not wish to keep re-inventing the wheel and that you may have several key messages which you want to convey, then you can build a series of both straplines and photographic images which can be released throughout the year; posters or to keep your website up to date.
  10. Plan the next twelve months ahead and match suitable photographic images to the campaigns you have in mind, together with your messages which will make your future donators feel your worthy cause.       

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