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Asking for referrals – an inexpensive marketing project


Word of mouth endorsements or referrals are known to be one of the most effective forms of marketing. They are a relatively low cost of sale and a great way to attract more donators and supporters and there are many ways in which you can ask for them.

Additionally, if you are new at fundraising then try tasking yourself with the below idea. You will feel a real sense of “good feel good factor” because  as well as growing your funding, the point about a referral call or marketing letter is that the reciprocate already has some knowledge about your organisation.

Here’s how to get started.


1: Study your corporate donators’ database and start with easy to manage quantities. Let’s say in units of ten. Refresh your knowledge of each corporate donator to keep your referral personal as it will have greater impact. 

2: One by one, telephone your corporate donator, (and while you are on the phone be sure to verify that you hold all their current contact details)

3: Give your corporate donator your latest news, the positives first such as “with your donations last year we were able to provide much needed smallpox vaccination to three hundred Malawi children.

4: Then you give the reality check as “Sadly there are thousands of children still urgently requiring the vaccination and at less than 50p per child to inoculate, I’m sure you can appreciate that this is very much still an urgent matter.”

5: At this point into your conversation, you could be enjoying a two way conversation and so it’s important to control the call. Your corporate donator, may even interrupt by asking for instance for you to send him / her emailed update. (Because everyone is so time deficient today).

6: Now bring the conversation back under your control, thanking them for their continued support and ask them could they refer your charity to ten of their suppliers. That you are not expecting all their suppliers to instantly wish to donate but your corporate donator could entice them to by:

  • Promoting you, their chosen charity on their website, a banner exchange or affiliation programme ( your logo and copy saying click here to support )
  • Mentioning your recent news in their newsletters, corporate Facebook, even liking your latest project or tweeting about you
  • Having your collection pots on their reception areas
  • Ticketing their Christmas do with a percentage going to your charity
  • Purchasing Christmas cards and gifts for their suppliers from you

Note:  You can ask for referrals via email marketing letter which ought to be sent out to all your corporate donators too. However making personal contact on the telephone can be an effective way to entice your current donator to actually take action.

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