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Keep your charity messages simple when asking for donations


With so many charities in the UK alone; conveying the important work which your charity does, can take much time in simplifying the message. The need to simplify the message is essential for many reasons, and if you have a poster campaign or you are planning media “brand awareness”, to drum up much needed funding, you are essentially putting together an advertising strategy.


Well known advertising agencies are renowned to be very expensive to hire, they can literally cost millions of pounds, and when you start considering all the elements which need addressing with for example a new brand of chocolate then it’s easy to see where the costs start totting up: new packaging, filming, celebrity endorsements etc.


You are unlikely to be in the position to justify such large outlay; frankly even the largest brands are making advertising cut backs, many opting for social media brand enhancing, something you should consider too. However rather than getting bogged down in the many peripherals of what tasks need to be executed in an advertising campaign, or getting upset that it all seems to cost more than you can justify, focus on the fundamental purpose of what a successful advertising campaign does and more especially what is the purpose of implementing one in the first place.


So many companies get bogged with every miniscule detail; so many directors spend months planning and much time is spent deliberating on cost cutting or even adding further suggestions to such a campaign. I see examples of this all the time. “We’re re-branding our core product and redesigning our website for our new product”.


The trouble is, and more common in times of economic restraint, that a lot of time is wasted because Directors and Department heads know that every penny they spend faces more justification than ever before. This creates anxieties, it also creates much indecisiveness.


What follows next is loss of focus and the oversight that any advertising campaign should prioritise rather than getting lost in the detail. The two most important elements are: Appealing to your market audience and keeping the message simple.


With your charity, your market audience will be your donators and supporters. You will need to identify who they are, what social demographic do the bulk of them belong to and how to appeal to higher audience figures.


Keeping your message simple is the other most vital element. Think how many adverts we are subjected to daily, television, posters in bus stops etc. The key is to keep your message simple.


How to do this is write down what your charity does, who it helps and what do you want.

Then keep reducing the copy down to its lowest possible dominator so that you are left with a punchy easy to understand message.


Finally, as you are reducing your copy do not forget to remember the single most important element to your advertising campaign, this being the giving message. How can you convey in the simplest form, the fewest words, ( pictures are great as they speak a thousand words) to the general public that you really want them to pick up the phone and donate much needed monies as opposed to simply thinking, “Oh gosh poor little girl having to walk five miles for fresh water”. Such a waste as you have made them feel but not made it dawn on them that they need to get their debit card out!

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