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Tips on how to convey “The Giving Message” for your Charity



Your charity is either very well known or indeed less renowned. 


You are either working for a charity which has large spread awareness and the general public and your supporters, instantly recognises your branding; know something about the  good work your charity does,  and who the reciprocates are of your fund raising.


Or you work for a charity which is less well known, yet with equal importance, needy beneficiaries, with funding to grow; whilst increasing the awareness of your worthy cause, a natural priority too.


Irrespective, of the size of your charity and regardless of how well known your good cause is, you may be finding it challenging to make a vital connection in the minds of both current supporters and future donators.


The connection being, attaching the fundamental reason your charity has been formed. Highlighting “The giving message”, to any campaign or event you embark upon for the much needed and hopeful, consistent donations to keep your charity afloat.


This can be illustrated by well-known charities; yes they may have prime media attention, a host of celebrity supporters and hefty glossy advertising campaigns but all of these marketing elements are especially conceived because human nature being, that we have extremely low attention spans and need repetition in order that a message is absorbed, understood and acted upon. The general public also respond better when they feel involved. 


The good news for you is that there are several elements about how they reiterate the fundamental of “The giving message” which you can apply. Here a few examples:


1:  The Barometer – we often see on programmes such as Blue Peter, when they support a particular charity, or indeed with Children in need, the use of a barometer.  Showing a visual of what your target is makes it easy to understand plus it helps people to feel a part of your campaign too. 


2: A Giving web page – has your charity got a giving page? It’s the perfect place to put a picture of a barometer on plus it gives the opportunity for donators to comment on too.


3: Update your website to Ecommerce – A great way for donators to make immediate pledged donations on and great to build interaction too. Why not list the donators, allowing them to make a comment also means that you have their emails to harvest for any future campaigns.


4: Facebook and twitter – If your website doesn’t yet have a facebook or twitter get into social media now. It’s highly popular, free for you to do plus you can download the popular social media icons for no cost too and it instantly updates your website without any financial outlay.


5: Growing Social media – Each time you do something new, be sure to mention it on facebook and tweet about it too; you will be extremely pleased by how quickly your online community will grow, for instance by getting people to “like” your message – The breast cancer charity are very proactive with their social media because it works and it doesn’t cost valuable money. 

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