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Boost your charity funds



On the whole your current donators will fall into two categories’, the general public and corporate donators.


Firstly take twenty five percent of your general public donators, rather than looking at the whole giant database and start looking at:


  • The average age of the donator
  • Where they live
  • What marketing method enticed them to support you was it a direct mail appeal, or did they respond to a fundraising call from your charity?
  • How much do they give and what is the frequency, i.e. £3 per month


Once you have this information about your donator then you have a working profile of what a potential donator “looks like”.


With this data, you can be more accurate in your marketing methods so for instance if Sussex residents aged forty plus on average donate £3 per month to your charity then it could be a fruitful exercise by targeting them directly with a personal appeal letter asking them for referrals from their friends and family. We all respond well to “personalised” literature and it could be a relatively low “cost per donator” exercise worth considering?


The same principle can apply to your corporate donators or sponsors. Just because a company employs lots of staff, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the departments communicate well to one another. Referrals into other departments could also prove a relatively low “cost per donator” exercise and you could also, in the same exercise check:


  • Could your corporate donator do a contra link on their website
  • Are they planning a Christmas dinner or event, could they raise funds for you on the night?
  • Could they display your posters in all their staff rooms
  • Could you send them a batch of pens helping to keep your charity in mind
  • Could they refer your charity to one of their suppliers?

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Invalid RSS link or you're not allowed to read this Picasa gallery or album.