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Ten fundraising event ideas for your charity

1:  Sponsored walk or run – whilst not an unusual idea the benefits about doing a sponsored walk or run for your charity is that you can involve many people of all abilities and you can make this an annual event. By creating a regular event and gaining as much publicity as possible, you can encourage local businesses to sponsor your event by taking paid for advertisements on your literature or on your website. Don’t forget to involve local schools too as most of them like to be associated with local charities.

2: A Mayor’s dinner – invite your local Mayor to a fund raising dinner because as new Major’s get elected they chose one or more local charities that they raise funds for and this is an ideal way to put your charity in their sights.

3: A summer fete – good old fashioned fetes, although take much organisation are an inexpensive family day out so publicised well, will attract lots of visitors. Also Marquee or bouncy castle hire companies tend to provide their equipment free of charge in exchange for a free advert on your literature or website and approach a local village hall or School for a free venue.

4: Celebrity patronage – If you do not already have a celebrity patron, then its well worth approaching some of their management companies as they like to be seen being involved with a good cause. The key is persuading a well-known person to be a patron is to find a celebrity who has a direct link with your charity. So for example if your charity supports former alcoholic people then find a celebrity who has over- come their alcohol problems. Also you will have greater success if you chose a celebrity who isn’t currently in the media such as former Eastenders cast members.

5: Business networking – Every town or City has a number of different networking clubs for businesses; try attending a couple and because you are a charity, then the organisers will likely waive the event fee for you. Also since most of them tend to have websites then build a rapport with the organiser leading to a free web link of your charity on their site, because they will have lots of members who visit their websites regularly, hence promoting the good work of your charity.

6: Yellow socks day – Chose something quirky like “yellow socks day” create a marketing letter and arrange a pre-event talk at a few large local primary schools and all children who pay a pound are allowed to come to school wearing yellow socks.

7: X Factor – With so much talent in the UK, it’s no wonder that shows like the X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent are so popular. Organising your own talent show with the cooperation from a local school or college will inevitably create a lot of interest. Charge a nominal “pocket money” fee to participants and then charge a fee for tickets to see the semi final.

8: Auction – Speak to your local council or hotel to gain a free venue then invite local figure heads of businesses including the major to attend a wine and canapé auction event. Invest a day on the telephone to encourage local organisations to donate high value auction prizes such as a pampering treat from a local beauty spa or free weekend pass from a local golf club.

9: Teddy bears picnic – let the press and local community know that you are holding a teddy bears picnic; you could speak to local small businesses such as cup cake makers and charge them a lower pitch price than they would get from their local farmers market and everyone who brings a teddy bear gets free entry.

10:  Dancing on ice – Is your charity in close proximity to an ice rink, roller blade hall or even swimming baths? If so then your local sports club could also provide a free venue option for a sponsored ice skate or swim as the sports club will benefit from the publicity you can generate. 


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