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Power to you – project based PR & Photography


Historically if you wanted to enlist the expertise of a PR agency, or professional photographer, you were tied to rigid costly retainers and expensive day rates through the additional cost of hiring a photographer.

Most London PR agencies have an entrance fee of over £5000 per month and this is often in addition to an expensive fee to meet you to discuss and understand what your objectives are for your charity.

Then there is the added cost of hiring a photographer!

Surely your worthy cause is about attracting monies through donators, and sponsors and not spending out hard to justify fees to publicise your charity and spread the word on behalf of your beneficiaries.

Experienced professionals are well worth the investment and in spite of being in hard economic times, there is one factor about hiring experienced people which gets over-looked, yet it holds the key when supporting your decision to incorporate external support.

This factor is simple; experience equates to high levels of productivity. For example in our areas of expertise, we already work with the media, we know what makes a topical news story; we have an abundance of varied feature writers contact details and so on. Compare this with hours of cold calling, disappointment that your press release hasn’t been seen by the right decision maker and the affect this has on your morale.

Through years of experience we are able to work extremely efficiently and due to this we can achieve a lot working on a one off project basis. This means that you are not tied into costly monthly retainers, plus you benefit from the onset of your campaign, by knowing precisely what the fee will be.

So you can enjoy the peace of mind that you can hire the unique PR and Photography service that your charity warrants which in turn will attract much needed monies for your charitable cause.

We warmly invite you to contact us for a non obligatory discussion about your forthcoming event and we do not apply a charge for talking with you!

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