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Top tips to help gain maximum revenue at your fundraising event

and get your guests digging deep into their pockets!


Having spent months discussing your fund raising event, here are some considerations and tips to help you attract maximum donations on the night.

  1. Draw up a list of local businesses which have attractive products or services, restaurants spas etc and ask them to donate some high value prizes for your auction. The best approach is to telephone the prospective donators, and then set up a brief meeting when by you can collect the voucher or product at the same time.
  2. Ask them to send their logo for inclusion on your news page newsletter or invites.
  3. If you have collected varying value prizes, choose the higher value ones to go in your auction and less expensive prizes to go into a raffle.
  4. Get a celebrity, local where possible, to host the auction as it’s a real crowd puller and most will do for free.
  5. Celebrity = great pictures helpful with the press
  6. Announce time of auction and other fundraising activities on invites posters emailed invites, also publicise the whole agenda.
  7. Hire or get local audio company to sponsor good sound system meaning a microphone as it’s really important that all for future sponsors and guests can hear the speakers
  8. Keep any speeches brief three to five minutes, and the main thing to remember in your speech is informing your guests of your charities news and to thank everyone.
  9. Reiterate on your literature or on the night what time the auction is starting and don’t leave it until the end of the night as some of your guests will have babysitters etc to get back to.
  10. Involve your charity beneficiaries, if they are able to, then for instance they could give the prizes away as they are being announced or bided for.
  11. Entertainment – try to match this to your guests liking and try to do something interactive such as bingo or karaoke. Guests can pay to participate.
  12. Food – try to get a sponsor to donate this and consider venue choice and seasonality when planning the food. Canapés are far cheaper than a formal sit down meal and less wastage too.
  13. Many hotels will provide a free venue especially if their branding will appear on the invitations or your newsletter and they will often just ask for you to have a bar so that they can recoup monies from it. Community centres and independent schools are also great to approach.
  14. When choosing your venue, think about how your delegates will travel there and those with disabilities or using public transport. Remember that costly car parks can be very off putting so select a venue with as easy free parking / easy access as possible.
  15. Chose date well,  consider School holidays and select the date which you think you can gain maximum guests too, September is a good month for instance as holidays are over and children back to School.
  16. Crèche facilities – worth cornering off an area with registered childminder / volunteer as desired guests with young children are free to come saving them expensive baby sitters.
  17. Marquee – evaluate cost of marquee verses other venue such as hotel should you not be able to convince free venue hire, depending on numbers, marquees can be a cheaper alternative, especially if one of your committee members has some land they don’t mind you using.  Ask marquee company to sponsor it
  18. Don’t forget to entertain young children, face painting etc. The more all your guests feel thought about the longer they will wish to stay at your event and participate with all your fund raising activities.

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